Smart media: smart TVs

Reading KPMG’s fascinating report smart moves for new media I was taken by the way that TVs seem to be holding their own against PCs.

KPMG asked people why they prefer to consume media offline. Many people chose as a reason “I would rather watch TV and films on my TV than on a computer”.

Presumably the main reason for this is screen size: laptops and iPads just don’t have the same visual (or indeed aural) impact as a 40″+ TV screen.

Screen size will inevitably be over-ridden when someone needs to access catch up TV. But I am coming across more and more people during research for whom the convenience of having a tab or a laptop and being able to watch TV wherever they want to in the house outweighs screen size.

In part this is a function of broadband speeds, in part the increase in domestic wireless connections, and in part better screen technologies.

And of course a portable computer does enable you, while you are watching a TV programme, easily to access interactive services such as social media, retail and even Google for those idle questions that TV sometimes raises.

Nonetheless the domestic TV is likely to continue to fight back as more people buy Samsung smart TVs (which are computers) and other people buy into services like YouView.

Perhaps then the tab and the laptop will be largely confined to the role of second (interactive) screen – text entry from 10 feet is not particularly easy so a device that enables you to search and navigate without having to wave a remote control about will be attractive for many.

However, I’ll still continue to watch TV in the kitchen in order to escape my dear wife’s obsession with reality TV shows!